Retirement Planning

Retirement is the day your money works for you instead of you having to work for money. The #1 question that everyone has at retirement is “Will I run out of money in retirement if I live too long?” We have the strategies and solutions to create a plan that includes guaranteed lifetime income. Each person’s idea of retirement is different. While some people will never quit working, others may slow down and others will stop working completely. Some want to travel, others want to garden. Others want to turn a hobby into a new business. Regardless of your personal circumstances, we can custom design a retirement and income plan to suit you that incorporates safety, growth, and income.

Retirement planning involves organizing your financial resources to achieve your goals at a predetermined time in the future. When developing a retirement plan, it is crucial to ensure that your company retirement plan or IRA’s, investments, income plan, risk plan, and Social Security are working together and not against each other. This is referred to as the “distribution phase”.

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