Estate Planning


We help you protect your estate from inflation, taxation, nursing home depletion and probate by working with some of the top Elder Law attorneys and tax specialists.

  • Review goals
  • Inventory your assets and their value
  • Create wills and trusts
  • Select beneficiaries and guardians
  • Monitor and review for life changes
  • Keep your estate out of probate courts
  • Help settle the estate at death

As different as we all look physically – we can even be more different financially. There is no cookie-cutter plan that will work for every client.  We specialize in creating custom plans that work with your situation now and in the future.  We achieve this through thorough conversations with our clients and using the best financial tools available.  A regular review process makes sure to keep your plan updated for life’s changes.  Our clients regularly give us endorsements to their friends and family because we do what we say we will do, and we try to make it fun along the way.

We regularly hold fun client events at local restaurants, country clubs and parks (see our Events calendar) to thank our clients for their loyalty and provide a fun family atmosphere for creating new introductions to their family and friends.

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