Insurance Planning


Face it, Medicare can be confusing.
Let our Medicare specialists navigate the Medicare system with you. We are independent and can explain the advantages of every available plan and show you non-biased comparisons to enable you to arrive at the best choice.


How will you pay for your care when your health changes?
Long Term Care costs can quickly deplete your savings and the cost is not generally covered by Medicare. Long Term Care insurance can help you protect the lifestyle you have worked so hard to build. Contact one of our advisors now (810) 232-2300.


Most people don’t understand life insurance so they either have too much, too little, the wrong kind, or are paying way too much for it. We help clients understand how it works and answer these common questions: What type do you need- or do you need it at all? Does yours accumulate cash for tax-free income? Is it only used to pay off debts? Pay for final expenses? Used to replace income from the loss of the main breadwinner? Do you have to qualify? Our complete no-cost, no-obligation insurance analysis will answer these questions for you once and for all.

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