Financial Planning


What financial advice do you think that you would give yourself today? What kind of lifestyle do hope to create for your retirement?

Now, imagine that from this moment on, you could know precisely how much money you need, where it will come from every month to live the retirement you desire. Sound impossible?

At Alliance Financial that vision is not only possible, but we help every one of our clients know how much money they will have every month of every year, until they’re 100 years old. We specialize in helping Retirees and Pre-Retirees overcome the Anxiety of Retirement by providing Security, Consistency, and Predictability to their Retirement Income, no matter what the stock market does.

We often hear from our clients that they sleep better and worry less knowing that they have a secure income plan. As a result, we have seen their net-worth increase dramatically. We also help our clients understand how to properly structure their Social Security benefits to receive the maximum benefit at each stage of life.

Legal Documents

Most people think legal documents are only used after you die. Actually, the proper legal documents need to be put in place now to help you while you’re alive as well.

The right legal documents done properly can:

  • Keep your estate details private and out of probate
  • Create guardianship for yourself and/or children
  • Protect a child with special needs
  • Avoid accidentally disinheriting your children if you re-marry
  • Make sure your estate is handled properly if you’re disabled
  • Pass estate to heirs as tax-free as possible at death
  • Leave money to desired church or charity at death but take tax deductions now
  • Make sure end-of-life desires are followed
  • Avoid nursing home depletion
  • Help you get V.A. benefits that you are entitled to

Our attorneys specialize in these areas and many more.

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