Investment Planning

Investment Planning – Called “The Accumulation Phase”, this is where you are investing for future goals-basically creating the estate.

The idea that you have to take on high levels of risk in order to achieve market returns is simply not true. Chasing high returns at the risk of losing large positions of your principal and gains is a formula for insanity. Our investment philosophy is that by protecting and preserving your money first, you will achieve greater overall returns. This takes precedence over market returns and as it turns out, this has been the right call. Our investment managers all have the ability to go into defensive cash or hedging positions when necessary which allows for a better re-entry point.

Our first goal is to establish a risk plan to insure market corrections do not eliminate market gains. This type of risk management and attention to accounts has traditionally only been available to the ultra-affluent. We have leveraged our buying power to provide some of the industry’s best institutional money managers, all with varying investment systems and specialties designed for you. Our goal is to capture the majority of the upside of the market and limit the participation in market downturns.

There is also no such thing as a perfect investment, let alone a strategy that is always in favor at all times. However, we have fine tuned our approach to maximize on market variations. We like to refer to this as “riding bulls and taming bears."

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